Will Jeff Boone the architect of the Venice Comp Plan have the same integral role in developing the LDR’s?




Will Jeff Boone the architect of the Venice Comp Plan have the same integral role in developing the LDR’s?

By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News



How does incorporating form-based coding with mixed-use zoning sound?    Well that is what the Venice Planning Commission and City Council are considering, if they can sell the residents on it.   Let’s hope that transparency is the rule of the day, since it appears that most of these changes that are pushed through, are less than transparent.


The councils primary concern as noted by the Herald, is how can we get the citizens to buy into it.   When this is a major concern, it makes me wonder how they will tweak the truth ever so slightly, to get that coveted buying from the residents.


They will be holding multiple workshops, but as many residents noted, the workshops involved listening to the council ask several questions and talk about the comp plan, with what many views as limited resident input.   At a couple of the workshops, residents could ask questions, but they were limited to one, if memory serves me right and team Shrum did an excellent job at dancing around the answer.


Can you tell I am weary of Shrum?   My sources at the city tell me that Jeff Boone should have his own desk in Shrum’s office, since he spends so much time there.  Also, something most residents are not aware of is how instrumental Jeff Boone was in drafting the comp plan.   Some went so far to call him the architect of the comp plan.   Will it be the same with the LDR’s?


So, if you are interested in land use, devilment form and the process for reviewing the developments; you may want to attend or listen to the workshops.


The next Venice Planning Commission workshop on LDR’s is this Wednesday at 2 at the Venice Community Center.   I know, I am with you, why during the middle of the day and during the week?   I can’t make it and most residents cannot.   How about after five or on the weekend?


The Herald wrote up a piece on this, which is more detailed.  You can read it by clicking — >>> here.





Most people get that I am writing this as Frankie Abbruzzino, the Publisher of the Scoop.   To avoid having the Gondo’s Greg Giles (Team Daniels) run to the city and complain about me again, I am putting this disclaimer.  However, my campaign did not pay to have myself write this article:  Paid for on behalf of Frankie Abbruzzino for Mayor, City of Venice


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