Why is Phil Solorzano pizza restaurant in Venice up for sale on Biz Buy Sell?


Why is Phil Solorzano pizza restaurant in Venice up for sale on Biz Buy Sell?

By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News

After this viral video showed Phil Solorzano making a mockery out of an elderly lady that miss read his signage regarding a free beer, many individuals were not to happy with Phil and said they would never visit his restaurant.   However, some individuals decided to visit his restaurant after the video because they enjoyed pizza Nazi approach towards customers.

Phil would come comment on my postings bragging about how busy he is, but some individuals questioned if he was really that busy.   Several individuals noted that every time they have driven by his Venice location during prime lunch and dinner hours, yet the parking lot often looks empty.   Perhaps his customers are parking in the back alley.

Then Phil put out the free slice of pizza whenever you want, if you tattoo a logo with his mug shot and last name.   He proclaimed that many individuals were jumping at the chance to be branded.

Still there are a lot of people that wish him the worst of luck and would like to see his business close his restaurant in Venice.    Then today I received this email:

Hi, you should do an update on that fool giving free pizza for tattoos. He’s going out of business in Venice. He is trying to sell his business because he’s not making any money

So, I decided to search it out and see if the business is truly for sale.   I found it with a simple google search and there is a restaurant for sale on the island, with a picture of the location where Solorzano’s is located https://www.bizbuysell.com/Business-Opportunity/Restaurant-Island-of-Venice-for-Sale/1609115/?d=/wEFQyUyZmZsb3JpZGElMmZ2ZW5pY2UtYnVzaW5lc3Nlcy1mb3Itc2FsZSUyZiUzZnElM2QlMmZ3RUZBMjQ5WVElM2QlM2Q=.   He is asking $175,000, not a bad pay check.  That price includes the inventory and sound system.   The advertisement talks about running it as a pizzeria or sports bar.

So, the question that many are asking tonight, is Phil closing the Venice location because there just are not enough door swings?   Did his over the top attacks on customers and the fine people of Venice kill his business?

Perhaps the customers are parking in back and the place is packed.   Maybe he is selling it due to the problems that he is having with the landlord from Guatemala that is buying up all of Venice.   He was complaining about the AC not working for days but did state that it was resolved.

Who knows, I did find it interesting and thought I would share, since so many of you seem to have a great deal of admiration for Phil.

Wait, what happens if he sells his Venice location and some fool went out and got a tattoo with Phil’s mugshot?   Do they have to drive up Sarasota for that slice of pizza?