Watch: Martin Hyde a candidate for the City of Sarasota Commission is video taped in a dispute with a tennis player that left some individuals shouting racism





Watch: Martin Hyde a candidate for the City of Sarasota Commission is video taped in a dispute with a tennis player that left some individuals shouting racism

by Francesco Abbruzzino, Pubhlisher, The Scoop News

** Update **
Martin Hyde announces that he will be getting out of the race for the City of Sarasota council seat, after this video went viral over the weekend. Hold on though, now he’s reconsidering it. Also, it is being reported that the private club banned Hyde based solely upon allegations and no documented proof of any racial or derogatory comments from Hyde. Frank
From the Facebook page of Sarasota citizen Martin Hyde is feeling sorry.
I’d like to thank those that have offered support to me over the past 48 hours. A significant number have asked that I re-consider my decision to withdraw from running in 2020 so I’m going to do that. It’s not that I don’t have regret over my behavior but I also have certain knowledge of who I really am and that the best place to prove that is publicly.
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Below are different updates from the Latino Rebels and several video’s, including the video that some teenage kids taped, while having a confrontation with Martin Hyde.  Martin Hyde is running for the City of Sarasota Commission seat and I often post his video’s.


You can hear and see Martin ask the kids to basically shut up.  I don’t know why the kid starts calling Martin a racist after he told him to keep his mouth shut.  The video picks up at that point and I do not know if the kids were making comments towards Martin, which led to him asking them to shut up or if is as they allege because they were speaking Spanish.  The way Martin told them to shut up, leads me to believe that there is more to it than the kids talking Spanish.


Go cut the lawn appears to be the main comment that has some calling him racist.  I am not sure what the context was behind Martin’s alleged comment.  In the video the kid states that Martin told him to go cut the grass, but you can hear Martin clearly state that he never told him that.  However, I am sure stating that to a Spanish person, may be as bad as telling an Italian to go lay some bricks.  Before people go crazy on me for the Italian comment, my parents are from Italy and work in the cement industry, it is often thrown out at us in a derogatory manner.


Martin does make a comment about not knowing what they are on, which probably did not help the situation.


I do not know Martin Hyde, so I reached out to some local GOP leaders to see if they can put me in touch with him or ask him to send me a comment.  If Martin does, I will update this posting.


You can go to their page to get the full story.  Below are the different video’s that have been put out and the updates.   The video’s are all below and you can read Latino Rebel’s full story and coverage, go to:





Earlier on Friday afternoon, the Twitter account of Alvin Couto de Jesús posted the following tweet and video. It was also posted on his Facebook page.


UPDATE, November 29, 2019, 6:15 p.m. ET: Michael Brandon, Bath & Racquet Fitness Club manager, left a voicemail with Latino Rebels and said that the member was notified that he was permanently removed from being a member of the club.


UPDATE, November 29, 2019, 10:45 p.m. ET

On Friday night, David Begnaud of CBS News reported that he spoke with Hyde.

UPDATE, November 30, 2019, 7:15 a.m. ET

On early Saturday morning, Hyde responded to multiple requests by Latino Rebels for comment. The email said the following: “Please do not keep trying to contact me.”

A follow-up email said this:

“I have had dozens of direct threats of violence towards me and my family as a direct consequence of the false narrative your publication added to the video. It is time to stop before somebody actually gets hurt.”


UPDATE, November 30, 2019, 9:50 p.m. ET

Republican Peter Vivaldi a  former candidate for Florida state senate shared the following video on Saturday morning.


Good morning 😃 Calling all my GOP FB Family.Issues in Sarasota Florida.Republican Martin Hyde.

Posted by Peter Vivaldi on Saturday, November 30, 2019



I have not heard from Mr. Hyde and if I do, I will post his response.



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