Venice resident files a complaint with the city this time, against Council Member Bob Daniels for using city resources to conduct research on her




Venice resident files a complaint with the city this time, against Council Member Bob Daniels for using city resources to conduct research on her

by Frankie Abbruzzino, Publisher,  The Scoop News


Dawn Champiny has filed a complaint against Venice Council Member Bob Daniels with the State of Florida, after she caught him running a background check on her, using city resources.   Dawn is a private resident of the City of Venice and is furious that a Council Member would do this to a private citizen.  Dawn has already filed a complaint with the State of Florida involving the same issue with the Council Member.


Today she went down to Venice City Hall to file a complaint with the City of Venice because she discovered that the Code of Ethics not only applies to city employees, but it also applies to elected officials.


There is a problem though.   There is no precedence for this, and the City of Venice is not sure of the process.  Apparently, the City of Venice does not have a Ethics Compliance Officer.   So, the City Clerk logged the complaint and told Dawn she will get back to her next week, when they can figure out the process.


Dawn wrote me about this earlier in the week, asking why there is a Code of Ethics, when there isn’t a process to file an ethics complaint.   I was not aware of her plan to visit the city today.   Bob Daniels did refer to an ethics complaint, but essentially stated that it was a frivolous complaint that was brought on by a person that is tied to Mike Rafferty’s group or what I call “the consortium”.


Dawn has told me that she is not connected to that group but did talk to them when they approached her about running for City Council.   Also, I am not sure what Bob Daniels considers frivolous, but getting caught conducting background research on a private resident via city resources, does not sound frivolous.


So, now the city has to consider hiring an attorney because of Council Member Bob Daniels use of city resources has pulled them into the legal arena.


Dawn did tell me that Earl with the Herald was putting out an article on this story, so I went there and grabbed the link.   Oddly enough, I have a paper subscription, but was having billing issues, so I called them and now my online access is not working.  So, I am not sure what he wrote, but Earl is usually very detailed.   You can read his article at:







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