Venice: Father-Son Duo Provide Peace of Mind on the Water

Cameron Marcum drew a picture of a Sea Tow boat for his father, Craig, on Father’s Day 15 years ago.


Father-Son Duo Provide Peace of Mind on the Water®

The Marcums Turn Family into Teamwork at Sea Tow Venice



VENICE, Fla. – On the fridge in the Marcum household rests a familiar sight – a hand-drawn likeness of one of Capt. Craig Marcum’s distinctive yellow Sea Tow boats his son Cameron made for his dad on Father’s Day 15-years ago. Almost foreshadowing what was to come, that drawing serves as a daily reminder of what boating means to the Marcum family.


These days, Cameron – now 22 years old – is a Sea Tow captain himself. Each day, he goes into work alongside his father as vice president of the business the family has owned for just over four years. Craig – who started working for Sea Tow Venice in the early 1980s before purchasing the franchise in 2015 – said his son has blossomed into one of his most trusted captains.


“Since we started working together almost five years ago, Cameron’s never once had a complaint or a scratched boat or had any other sort of incident,” his father said. “He’s really taken to it and he’s really good at it. I couldn’t be prouder of him and I’m so glad I’m able to go to work with him every single day.”


The Marcums have made a life out of spending time together on the local waterways. Ever since Cameron was a boy, he and his father would spend their days out fishing or riding jet skis – basically anything that would get them out on the water. That shared passion is what the elder Marcum says brings the family together.


Craig (left) and Cameron Marcum show off one of their distinctive yellow Sea Tow boats.

“Back when Cameron was young, I was working running mega yachts and traveling around the world,” Craig said. “Back then, when I would be in Trinidad or St. Marten, he and my wife would fly down and spend time on the yachts with me on occasion. He absolutely loved it.”


From a young age, Cameron had always shown a keen interest in his father’s work. Craig said he would regularly ask to go out with him on jobs – Sea Tow Venice specializes in boat towing, fuel deliveries, jump starts, ungroundings and other on-water services for local boaters – when he was growing up. Occasionally, there would be special occasions where he’d let his son tag along and see what it was like to work on the water.


Marcum said he knew long before the family took over as owners of Sea Tow Venice – even dating back to the day he drew his dad’s boat to give to him for Father’s Day – that Cameron would make a great boat captain and might one day follow in his father’s footsteps.


“He’s always loved the water, and when he was 17 and we first started talking about buying the franchise, he came to me and said he wanted to be a captain,” Craig said of his son. “He got his captain’s license on his 18th birthday and he’s been by my side ever since.”


One day, Craig said, Cameron will take over the franchise as his father gets closer to retirement. In the meantime, he said he wants to make the most of his unique opportunity to blend family and work.


“When we’re out together helping boaters, as soon as people find out he’s my son, they light up and say how lucky I am to be able to work with him every day, and I agree with them every single time,” Craig added. “It’s such a blessing to be able to watch him continue to grow, both as a Sea Tow captain and a man. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the luckiest father in the world.”





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