Tucker: Vulture Capitalists Like Paul Singer Have Looted Our Country And Destroyed Rural America






If you’re wondering why conservatives have failed to conserve anything, look no further


Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night released one of the most important segments ever aired on television exposing predatory GOP megadonor Paul Singer for helping loot our country and destroy our middle class.



Partial transcript via RCP:


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: If you’ve spent any time driving around America recently, you may have noticed that an awful lot of the country seems to have shriveled up and died. Take a trip on route two in Maine some time and count the boarded-up paper mills and abandoned houses. Or head down route 23 in Michigan or Ohio and consider the empty factories ringed with barbed wire. Outside the coastal cities, scenes like this are everywhere. Shuttered car dealerships, next to defunct restaurants, across the street from thrift stores and methadone clinics. Community after community, desiccated. Empty husks, with nothing left. Huge swaths of the United States look like this now. What happened?


A lot of things, some of them complicated and hard to change. But one of the big factors in this slow-moving disaster is the utter transformation of the way our leaders think about the American economy. During the last gilded age, 125 years ago, America’s ruling class may have been ostentatiously rich, but it was still recognizably Amercian. Tycoons accumulated fortunes, but they also felt some obligation to the country around them. Steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie famously built stone libraries around the country, for the edification of the poor. John D. Rockefeller and many other so-called robber barons set aside huge portions of their wealth to make the country better. In January of 1914, Henry Ford more than doubled the prevailing factory wage, to a then-astounding five dollars for an eight hour day. Ford didn’t have to do it, but his company was succeeding and he thought he should. Some historians trace the creation of the American middle class to Henry Ford’s decision. Either way, it’s nearly impossible a big company doing anything like that today. Attitudes are just too different. Your average finance mogul looks at workers merely as costs to be reduced or eliminated. Private equity isn’t building a lot of public libraries these days.


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