Sustainable development does not mean halting all developments, it means building them in a manner that is sustainable for our community




Sustainable development does not mean halting all developments, it means building them in a manner that is sustainable for our community

By Francesco Abbruzzino, Publisher – The Scoop News



Being for sustainable development, does not mean an individual is against development.   With so many people moving into Florida every year, development is going to happen.   Both Bob Daniels and Ron Feinsod are prime examples of the move south, into the Venice area.


Sustainable developments mean developing in a sustainable manner.  I think Sarasota County states it best:


“Sarasota County Government defines sustainability as satisfying our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We are committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability. To achieve the balance necessary for a sustainable community, this means:

  • Replenish the resources we use or consume;
  • Ensure our values guide us into the future; and
  • Invest in our community to ensure future prosperity.

This is a constantly evolving journey, with countless directions and possibilities. We invite you to join us on this journey, through your choices and actions and by encouraging others in the community. Together we can make a difference – today, and for future generations.”


When developing, consider the need for schools, hospitals, roads, sewage systems, and all other needs that will come with the additional residents.   This is something that is not done right now.  Are the roads enough to handle the new traffic, will we have to hire more police and fire personnel, can our current medical system handle the influx of people, is our sewage system at capacity, and how will this impact our environment.


Sustainable development means if a property is zoned residential, that the city does not change it to commercial, so that a hospital rebuild can be put on the parcel.   It means adhering to the comp plan and LDR’s that are in place and not waiving them on a regular basis, when they waiver request come before our City Council’s and County Commission.


Sustainable development means encouraging new communities to use Florida Friendly landscaping and leading by example, which the City of Venice has not been a champion of doing.  Conserving water, encouraging rain meters on their sprinkler systems.   Understanding that reclaimed water helps us to conserve water, but it is harder to filter the high level of nutrients, which lead to aggravating the algae blooms.


So, no sustainable development DOES NOT mean no development.  It means being smart in the manner that we build out these new communities.


Sarasota County Government offers an array of programs to help you build and maintain sustainability in your life, your business, and your activities.







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