Study: Google Favors Liberal News Outlets Over Conservative Ones  



Study: Google Favors Liberal News Outlets Over Conservative Ones | The Daily Caller



  • Google’s algorithms appear to favor the likes of CNN, The New York Times and other major outlets by a significant margin, a new study from Northwestern University researchers notes.
  • The study also shows that Google’s Top Stories box directs users to liberal news outlets over conservative outlets by a 5-to-1 margin.
  • The study also shows that only 11.3% of all article impressions from Google’s Top Search box were from sources researchers rated as conservative-leaning.
Google’s algorithms favor liberal-leaning news outlets over conservative ones by a significant margin, according to a study Northwestern University researchers conducted.

More than 62% of all article impressions came from sources rated as left-leaning, while only 11% came from conservative-leaning outlets, notes the study, which was published in May. Researchers collected 6,302 unique links to news articles in Google’s Top Stories box. Each of those links represents an article impression.


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