State Passes Groundbreaking Bill Allowing K-12 Students to Consume Medical Marijuana at School



State Passes Groundbreaking Bill Allowing K-12 Students to Consume Medical Marijuana at School  –  Free Thought Project

Washington Gov. Jay Insless signed a bill that will now allow school students to consume medical marijuana on campus, on the bus, or at school events.  –



OLYMPIA, WA. (TAC) – Last month, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill allowing students to consume medical marijuana at school. The new law expands the state’s medical marijuana program despite federal prohibition. 

A bipartisan coalition of two representatives and a senator sponsored House Bill 1095 (HB1095). Under the new law, school districts in the state must allow students with a medical marijuana card and parental permission to consume marijuana-infused products for medical purposes on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or while attending a school-sponsored event. Schools will be required to formulate policies accomodating such students.


The House passed the final version of HB1095 by a 79-16 vote. The Senate approved the measure 41-4. With Gov. Inslee’s signature, the law will go into effect on July 28.


This is another example of the rapidly expanding availability of marijuana despite federal prohibition.



Under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) passed in 1970, the federal government maintains complete prohibition of marijuana. Of course, the federal government lacks any constitutional authority to ban or regulate cannabis within the borders of a state, despite the opinion of the politically connected lawyers on the Supreme Court. If you doubt this, ask yourself why it took a constitutional amendment to institute federal alcohol prohibition.


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