Sanders Fans Outraged After Warren’s “Disgusting” Debate Snub  





Sanders Fans Outraged After Warren’s “Disgusting” Debate Snub | Zero Hedge



The burgeoning feud between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders that has helped to divide America’s newly resurgent far-left just escalated to absurd new heights.


After the conclusion of last night’s debate, Sanders approached Warren and extended his hand for a handshake. Instead of taking his hand in friendship, Warren brushed it aside, walked up to Sanders and, with her hands clenched, said something to him that wasn’t picked up on the debate mics, which had already been turned off.


After they spoke, Sanders seemingly threw up his hands in frustration.


The feud has been a major political story this week, thanks to Warren’s assertion – which first appeared in a CNN report – that Sanders told her during a meeting back in 2018 that he felt a women couldn’t win the presidency of the US. Sanders has vehemently denied this, and his campaign has released a video from 30 years ago where he tells an interviewer that he does believe a woman could be president.



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