North Port starting the week of September 30th, your solid waste collection day may be changing!





North Port starting the week of September 30th, your solid waste collection day may be changing!

City of North Port




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Do you live in one of the neighborhoods below?  If so, starting the week of September 30, 2019, your solid waste collection day may be changing!

  • Abernant Ave/McKibben Ave area
  • Biscayne Dr (North of US 41)
  • Biscayne Dr (South of US 41)
  • East side of North Sumter Blvd
  • Ponce de Leon Blvd (south of I-75)

For a complete list of streets that are changing collection days, see below!

Why are these routes changing? The City is growing quickly and to remain efficient, we need to change a few collection routes. This will help us decrease fuel consumption and improve our level of service.  Keep in mind, the side of the street you place your garbage tote on will NOT change. Also, remember to place all garbage, yard waste, recyclables and scheduled bulk curbside before 7 AM.

If you have any questions about this change, please give us a call at 941-240-8050.  With your support, these updates will help us become a greener, healthier and more sustainable community.

Abernant Ave/McKibben Ave area

  • Collection day is changing from Thursday to Friday.
  • The last Thursday pickup is September 26.
  • The first Friday pickup is October 4.

Streets Affected:

Abadan St Dutilly Rd Maraldo Ave
Abbotsford St Edith Ct Mckibben Dr
Abernant Ave Escalante Dr Meg Ct
Aladdin Ave Eutaw Ct Mongite Rd
Aldovin Ave Flamlau Ave Orpha St
Appomattox Dr Fontainebleau St Payne St
Arobea Ave Gowanda Rd Peace River Rd
Baroda Ave Greenwood Ave Pocatella Ave
Batchelor Ave Halladay St Postma St
Beeber St Hartsook Ave Prophet Ave
Bliffert St Heron Creek Blvd Ragen St
Brasher Ave Hokan Ave Richmond Ter
Brophy St Ilex Ct S Sumter Blvd
Calah Ct Kira Ct Saladino Ave
Calah St Koli Ct Sans Souci Ave
Cambay St Libby Ct Santana St
Caribou Ave Libby Rd Sesame St
Cazes Ave Lingle St Simrak St
Crabapple Ave Londel Ave Tamiami Trl
Cumbano St Lopinto St Tollefson Ave
Cunliffe Rd Mago Ct Trekell St
Densaw Rd Malamin Rd Wecoma Ave
Zamita Ave


Biscayne Drive (north of US 41)

  • Collection day is changing from Monday to Thursday.
  • The last Monday pickup is September 23.
  • The first Thursday pickup is October 3.

Streets Affected:

Abbey Ct Gallo Ave Newmark St
Aero Ave Gama Ct Norbert Ave
Agress Ave Gancedo Ave North Port Blvd
Alam Ave Gatun St O Shea St
Alam Ave Gilpin Ln O Toole St
Allen Rd Ginsburg Ter Octavius Ave
Alley Gisela Rd Odom Pl
Alwood St Givlic Ln Osbert Ave
Amato St Glacier Ave Outreach Way
Amendola Ave Glenallen Blvd Oxford Cir
Anador St Glenallen Blvd Packer Ln
Ancon St Glover Ave Palm Ct
Appomattox Dr Gorgas St Pan American Blvd
Atmore Ave Grand Cypress Blvd Paragon Rd
Attalla Ave Green St Park Cir
Avanti Cir Greendale Rd Perennial Rd
Axis Ct Grobe St Pickwick Rd
Azora St Gurley Ct Pixley Ln
Battalla Rd Hagbom Ln Ponce De Leon Blvd
Bayano St Hedgecoth Ave Ponce De Leon Blvd
Belcrest Ct Herbison Ave Porto Bello Ave
Berkley Ct Hoffman St Porto Chico Ave
Bessemer Ave Holster Ave Primm Pl
Bewley St Hopwood Rd Rabbit Ave
Blutter Rd Howser Ct Randwick Ct
Boca Grande Ave Humay Ave Raoul Ave
Bohio St Humay Ave Red Coach Ave
Bolander Ter Hyder Ter Regal Ct
Botello Rd Idlewood St Regency Ct
Botwick St Irondale Rd Renault Cir
Boulton Ct Irondale Rd Rockman St
Branham St Jasmine Way Rockwell Ave
Brank St Jayman Rd Rocliff Ave
Brittain Way Kappa Pl Rogue St
Bronco Ln Karluk St Roslyn Ct
Brubeck Rd Ketona Rd Roxbury Cir
Bullard St La Boca Ave Royce St
Bullard St La Copa St Ryecroft St
Bumford Ave Lakewood Blvd S Biscayne Dr
Carlton Ct Lamplighter Ave S Biscayne Dr
Carovel Ave Lancelot Ave S Biscayne Dr
Caruso Ln Larrimore Ave S Calera St
Cascadas Ave Lars Rd S Hartsdale St
Cerullo St Laskin Ave S I75
Charleston Park Dr Lemley Rd S Lipscomb St
Chelsea Ct Leona Ave S Lipscomb St
Chesapeake Ave Leopold Ave S Narramore St
Chesebro Ave Leopold Ave S Tamiami Trl
Chesebro Ave Locher Rd Sablon Rd
Chicopa St Log Cabin Rd San Jacinto Ave
Childrens Way Logsdon St San Pablo Ave
Chorley Ave Lombra Ave Sanacure Ave
Clovelon St Los Rios St Sarletto St
Coco Solo Ave Lotus Rd Savoy Ct
Cosgrove Rd Loxley Ave Schoen St
Cristobal Ave Lucinda Rd Schomer St
Crock Ave Lullaby Rd Selover Rd
Culebra Ave Macco Ln Seville Ct
Delk Ave Malacara Ter Shenandoah St
Delong Ave Malcolm Ave Shumock Ave
Denali St Malory Ct Skagway Ter
Denargo Rd Mambo Ave Skile Rd
Dennison Ave Manthey Ave Sontag Ave
Dogwood Ct Maricopa Rd Sontana St
Dolomite Ave Marlow Ct Spring Haven Dr
Dorothy Ave Mccorkle St Spring Haven Dr
Dover Ct Mclues Ave St James Ct
Drolet Ave Mcphail Ave Stagnaro Rd
Dulce Ave Mcswain St Stardust Ave
Dulce Ave Meade Ct Sutherlin St
Eager St Mecca Ct Tally Ho Rd
Edmiston Ave Meredith Ave Tamiami Trl
Eggelstom Ave Mermell Cir Tamiami Trl
Electra Ave Merolla Rd Tamiami Trl
Elkenberry Ave Meroni Blvd Taplin Ave
Ellesmere Ct Mill Run Ct Tasco Dr
Elyton Ct Minardi St Tomaso Rd
Elyton Dr Miro Ct Torgerson St
Elyton Dr Mola St Totem Ave
Embassy Rd Montclair Cir Trico Rd
Embassy Rd Mooney Ln Trionfo Ave
Emrick St Morton Rd Trott Cir
Erie Ct Mossborger Ave Vestridge St
Espanola Ave Mossy Oak Dr W Price Blvd
Eton Ct Mt Hope St Waltrip St
Evinrude Ave N Biscayne Dr Wasilla St
Fairbrook St N Biscayne Dr Wawana Rd
Fay Ave N Calera St Wesley Ln
Florala St N Hartsdale St Westgate Ln
Floribanna St N Lipscomb St Whispering Pine Ln
Forlano Cir N Narramore St Willow Creek Cir
Franzino Ave Natchez Ct Woods Ln
Gaillard Ave Natchez Ter Yakutat Rd
Galbut Ave Nekoosa St Zadrow Rd
Nele St



Biscayne Drive (south of US 41)

  • Collection day is changing from Thursday to Monday.
  • The last Thursday pickup is September 26.
  • The first Monday pickup is September 30.

Streets affected:

Abigail Ave Harmony Rd Morning Ave
Acacia Ct Hauli Ct My Pl
Acmar Ct Hawk Nest Ln Myrtlewood Rd
Alani Ct Higdon Rd Mystic Cir
Alley Hikina Dr Neighborly Ct
Alley Hobhill Ave Nervia St
Almonte Ter Hobhill Ave North Highway Dr
Almonte Ter Hoemi Ct North Port Blvd
Amoko Ct Hoffman St North Port Blvd
Anapa Ct Holiday Park Blvd Ocean Ct
Angle Pl Holiday Pkwy Oklee Ct
Apopo Ct Holo Ct Ortiz Blvd
Arab Ct Honu Ct Otis Rd
Awawa Ct Hyde Park Ave Oxwood St
Berry Ct Java Ct Palena Blvd
Berwick St Jeffery Ave Pan American Blvd
Blossom Ln Joppa St Parkview Ct
Bolander Ter Jordan St Parrish St
Branch Ter Joy Ct Peregrine Way
Center Ln Kavanda St Pleasant Ct
Chancellor Blvd Keena Ct Pompey St
Chancellor Blvd Kenwood Dr Pompey St
Charm Ct Keystone Ct Pontiac Ln
Comer Ave Kilepa Ct Quinn Ct
Coniston Ter Kilohee Ct Raptor Ct
Darlene St Kipa Ct Reba Ct
Deming Ave Kula Ct Rue Ct
Eagle Bay Ct La Brea St S Biscayne Dr
Elmwood Rd Lamar Ct S Biscayne Dr
Espanola Ave Landover Ter S Biscayne Dr
Etna Ct Laurel Ct S Sumter Blvd
Fabian Rd Lino Rd S Tamiami Trl
Fabian Rd Lyncrest St Safford Ter
Falcon Lair Dr Malaluka Rd Sage Ln
Fantasy Ct Mara Ct Saragossa Ln
Fleetwood Ct Marius Rd Scorpio Ave
Floral Ct Mataro Ct Slade Rd
Fran Ct Maureen Ave Sooner St
Freemont St Mayberry Ave Spearman Cir
Gabo Rd Mayberry Ave Sydney Ave
Gallatin Ln Mayland St Sydney Ave
Goings Ln Merril St Talbot St
Grand Ct Mesa Ct Talbrook Rd
Greenview Ct Mesa St Talon Bay Dr
Haawi Ct Midas Pl Tamiami Trl
Haele Ct Milner Pl Tamiami Trl
Haki Ct Milner Pl Tamiami Trl
Hanchey St Moonlight Ct Tuscola Blvd
Vista Ln
Wexford St


East side of North Sumter Blvd

  • Collection day is changing from Thursday to Tuesday.
  • The last Thursday pickup is September 26.
  • The first Tuesday pickup is October 1.

Streets Affected:

Acorn St Crittendon St La France Ave
Alger St Desco Rd La Rosa Ave
Amanda Ave Dull St Lakatos St
Apollo Ave Eldron Ave Lorri Cir
Belladonna Ave Flint Dr Morandi Ave
Belladonna Ct Giblin Dr N Sumter Blvd
Belvidere St Glordano Ave Parrot St
Brodel Ave Hansard Ave Peake St
Cana Rd Jaslo Ave Rifkin Ave
Cleo St Kaskin Ave Sunburst Ave
Cliff St Kendall Ave Sylvania Ave
Coker Rd Kuhn St Vedado St



Ponce de Leon Blvd (south of I-75)

  • Collection day is changing from Tuesday to Thursday.
  • The last Tuesday pickup is September 24.
  • The first Thursday pickup is October 3.

Streets Affected:

Abady Ln Duar Ter Nyberg Rd
Alhambra Ave Dundee Ave Ohio Rd
Almanac St Embassy Rd Olin Ln
Alpaca St Ent Ter Opa Locka Ln
Alpen Ave Eureka Ave Paco Ter
Altemus St Flagler St Pagado Ln
Amari Rd Florida Ter Paigo Ln
Americana Ave Franzino Ave Paso Ave
Ames Ave Fronda Ave Pennsylvania Ter
April Ln Geoffrey St Polaris Rd
Armour Ter Ginsa Ter Pomeroy St
Ascot Dr Hamer Ter Ponce De Leon Blvd
Averette Ave Helliwell St Rockman St
Balboa Ter Hermosa Cir S I75
Bangar Ln Hero Ave Sablon Rd
Banjo Ter Heyward St San Salvador Rd
Bathfeld Rd Hollywood Ave Sena Rd
Blackman St Honeybee St Serina Ct
Bobko Cir Hornbuckle Blvd Shelly St
Bodmin Ln Kayak Rd Simberg St
Brixton Ter Lacoco St Simca Ln
Broward Ave Lapidus Rd Skyview Dr
Bunny Way Laratonda Rd Starfish Ave
California Ter Laurina St Stegale Rd
Callaghan Ln Lemon Rd Surf Ave
Cameo Cir Lenape Ln Swartburg Rd
Cammer Ave Loffreda Ave Tennessee Ter
Cody Cir Matador Rd Tilhal Ter
College Ter Mayo Ave Topeka Ln
Constitution Ct Missouri Ter Towhlen Rd
Constitution Dr Muncey Rd Trolley Rd
Cordova Ter Munsing Ave Upson Ter
Couch Ter Nelson St Valley Ter
Deer Run Rd Nogal Ter Van Ness Ave
Delmar Dr Notre Dame Ter Van Raub St


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