Needed Changes For The Florida Healthy Beaches Site, Which Tracks Beach Water Quality




Needed Changes For The Florida Healthy Beaches Site, Which Tracks Beach Water Quality

By Francesco Abbruzzino, Publisher – The Scoop News



I reached out to Dawn with Hands Along the Water with an idea that hit me after talking to my friend and fellow surfer Mark, regarding the Sarasota County Healthy Beaches Program.



As many of you know, I went surfing yesterday for a couple hours.   After I was done surfing I asked my friend Adam Hutchinson if he could smell fecal matter.   He agreed with me that he could smell it.


Here is the issue, I went to the Sarasota County Healthy Beaches site and the North Jetty was listed as good, with a date of 7.8.19.


Now when most individuals look at the information, they focus in on the word “good” and head off to the beach.   Some may look at the date and think to themselves that the date was four days ago, others may not.


A lot can happen in four days.   It has been raining nonstop and all the street runoff has been flowing into the Gulf for four days.    In Siesta there was a 36,000 gallons raw sewage spill after the test was taken, yet that information is not found on the site that already listed Siesta as “poor” on Monday.   Also note, the test was taken on 7.8, but not put up until the morning of 7.11.


Keeping in mind that this website is the source that the county and local cities push to illustrate the health of the beaches and refer all residents and tourist too, when they question if the water quality is fine to swim in with their kids.


So, here are the suggested changes that I talked to Dawn about and she committed to presenting it to her board:

  • Put up a disclaimer (in a very visible manner) that the test is taken on Monday’s and conditions can change.
  • Test three times a week and post the results.
  • Post the results with the date the test was taken, and the date posted.
  • Strive for quicker turn around on the test


Dawn said she will take this before her board and see if it is something, they would like to put their group behind.


I think it is critical that changes are made to this county managed site (Florida Healthy Beaches), since it is the site of reference that the county and local cities refer tourist and residents too, when it comes the quality of the beaches.   Unless it is up to date, the site is rendered useless as it was yesterday, when I was surfing in water that smelled like poop, even though the site list he waters quality as “good”.





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