Man Sues After Cops Shoot Him in the Testicles, Tease Him About It On Facebook




Man Sues After Cops Shoot Him in the Testicles, Tease Him About It On Facebook – Free Thought Project


Phoenix, AZ — A Phoenix man who was shot in his genitals by Phoenix police during a 2017 anti-Trump rally has decided to sue. Following a recent national investigation into the social media accounts of police officers, Scottsdale resident Josh Cobin discovered not only were his genitals targeted by police pepperballs (projectile containing pepper spray) but he was the hapless brunt of police jokes as well.


President Donald Trump visited Phoenix August 22, 2017. A subsequent rally decrying his presence in the city took place on the streets of Downtown Phoenix. Instead of peacefully protecting the protesters’ constitutional right to assemble and protest, Phoenix PD fired tear gas, and projectiles such as the pepperball which struck Cobin. The young man was struck in his private parts after he decided to kick a canister of tear gas back in the direction of the police. 


It was a projectile the size of a golf ball that was shot at 220 miles an hour from a distance of 20 yards… at my groin.


Cobin had been struck in the back by Phoenix PD pepperballs prior to kicking the canister of tear gas and getting assaulted in his genitals. But what really has Cobin incensed is how the officers then bragged about how they’d allegedly hurt Cobin during the protests.

[I] Found three current officers who had posted in the aftermath of the event about me…Honestly, that really was the final straw.


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