Heavy rain is leading to reclaim water overflow at the Bee Ridge station





Heavy rain is leading to reclaim water overflow at the Bee Ridge station

The issue with reclaimed water that is not covered her, is the high nutrient levels in reclaimed water.    Something that is difficult to filter out and an issue when it goes into the nearby waterway.  Frankie


Notice of Submission
Pursuant to Section 403.077, F.S., the Department of Environmental Protection has received the following Public Notice of Pollution for a reportable release. All information displayed was submitted by the reporting party.

Type of Notice: Initial Report
Date of Notice: 08/15/2019

Incident Information
Name of Incident: BR WRF Reuse 081519
State Watch Office Case Number: 4596
Start of Incident: 08/15/2019 10:30
Incident is on-going as of: 08/15/2019 16:01

Incident Description
Earlier this morning, due to the continuous rains and flooding conditions in the area, the reclaimed water storage pond at the Bee Ridge Water Reclamation Facility began to overflow through the emergency spillway. Reclaimed water in the pond is water that has been fully treated, meets all public access reuse standards and is typically used for irrigation purposes. Staff has begun sampling at the pond and downstream to monitor the effects of the emergency discharge. Staff will continue to monitor the situation and make every effort to minimize the volume and duration of the event. We will monitor the water flowing from our reuse holding pond to Philippi Creek, and take samples Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until such time that the demand for reuse increases, and the spill ceases.

Incident Location
Facility/Installation Name: Bee Ridge WRF
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
State: FL
Zip Code:
Coordinates (in decimal degrees):
Lat: 27.301835838888838, Long: -82.39068863589023
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Impacted Counties: Sarasota

Incident Reported By
Name: David Hawkins
Title: Chief Operator
Phone: (941) 861-6790
E-mail Address: dhawkins@scgov.net

On-Site Contact
Name: Patricia Nihart
Phone: (941) 861-6790
E-mail Address: pnihart@scgov.net

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Update: Public Utilities Interim Director Mike Mylett joins us LIVE from the Bee Ridge Water Reclamation Facility #SRQCounty

Posted by Sarasota County Government on Thursday, August 15, 2019