Congressman Calls for Banning Bitcoin Because it ‘Takes Power’ from the Corrupt Federal Reserve



Congressman Calls for Banning Bitcoin Because it ‘Takes Power’ from the Corrupt Federal Reserve  –   Free Thought Project


The Federal Reserve is shaking in their boots over the power of cryptocurrency to deplatform their monopoly on the control of money, so their henchmen are moving to ban it.



In 2017, the state of Arizona went after the federal government’s attack on gold and silver by eliminating the capital gains taxes on precious metals. This paved the way to deal a massive blow to the Federal Reserve and end their monopoly on money. While the precious metals move was certainly noteworthy, legislation passed last year by the Arizona Senate was nothing short of revolutionary as it officially recognized cryptocurrencies as money by allowing residents to pay their taxes in it. But when you challenge the Federal Reserve, they fight back.

Arizona Senate Bill 1091, titled Income tax payments; bitcoin, was introduced to the Senate on January 10, 2018 and after going through several committees, on Feb. 8, 2018, it passed the House. In May it passed the Senate with a unanimous vote as well. However, because legislation like this serves to undermine the government’s monopoly and control of money, the governor vetoed it.


Just like that, a bill that was unanimously supported by both parties was now dead in the water. When advocates for central banks and no competition in the currency space shoot down bills like this or fear monger over cryptocurrencies, rest assured that they do not have your best interests in mind.


Now, these banker-owned politicians—having seen the power of crypto to decentralize the control of money—are not just blocking legislation to allow crypto to compete, but they are moving to outright ban it. One of these Federal Reserve shills is U.S. Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman who is now openly advocating for the prohibition of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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