30 Extremely Bizarre “Florida Man” Stories That Prove That America Is In Far More Trouble Than We Thought


30 Extremely Bizarre “Florida Man” Stories That Prove That America Is In Far More Trouble Than We Thought –  Michael Snyder

“Florida Man” just keeps getting into more trouble.  In recent years, “Florida Man” has become one of the Internet’s hottest memes, and there is never a shortage of new material because residents of the state seem to have a knack for getting arrested for some of the most bizarre crimes imaginable.  So earlier today when I saw a headline that said “Florida man strips naked and poops in Naples family’s yard”, I knew that I had to do this article.  Normally my articles deal with very heavy topics, and even though this article will be much more light-hearted, I am still making a serious point.  Without a doubt, the “Florida Man” headlines below are very funny, but the fact that there are so many of them should disturb all of us.  The fabric of our society is literally coming apart right in front of our eyes, and if we continue down this path it is hard to imagine any sort of a positive future for our nation.  So please keep that in mind even as you are laughing at these headlines.

If you are not familiar with the “Florida Man” meme, let me give you a few pointers before we get started.

First of all, Florida Man gets arrested a lot.  He is always in trouble with the police, and he often leads them on really wild chases.

Florida Man has also usually either been drinking or consuming mind-altering drugs.  This often leads to extremely risky behavior, and there are often very funny unintended consequences.

In addition, Florida Man doesn’t really like clothes.  In many cases he is either partially or completely naked.

Finally, Florida Man stories get a bonus if they involve animals, injuries, weapons or bodily functions.

With all that being said, here are 30 extremely bizarre Florida Man stories that prove that America is in far more trouble than we thought…

#1 Florida man steals $33,000 in rare coins, uses them in change machines

#2 Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Live Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window

#3 Florida man, drunk and naked, allegedly set house on fire in failed cookie baking attempt

#4 Florida man finds World War II grenade, tosses it in the trunk, brings it to a Taco Bell

#5 Florida Man Shattered Toilet After Firing Gun Indoors, Missing Roommate—’Hell Yes, That Could Have Hurt Me’

#6 Drunk Florida man arrested at Olive Garden after eating handfuls of pasta

#7 Florida man arrested for shoplifting after job interview at Kohl’s

#8 Monkey in diaper found clinging to Florida man in stolen car, police say

#9 Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire

#10 Puppy shoots Florida man, deputies say

#11 Florida man caught on video licking doorbell

#12 Florida man arrested for speeding told deputies, ‘the car is a Ferrari and it goes fast’

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